Custom Order Price List 2018 - Prices are now in USD

Base price $66/m (100% cotton/plain weave)


WEAVE STRUCTURE/WARP DESIGN - for cotton warp only

Plain Weave                 no extra

Basket Weave              no extra

Towel Twill/Pebble Weave                  (+$12/m)

Herringbone Twill                                 (+$24/m)

Overshot                                                (+$80/m)

Hand dyed warp                                   (+$25/m)


Cotton                          no extra

Cotolin                          (+$7/m)

Hemp                            (+$7/m)

Bamboo                        (+$7/m)

Alpaca/Silk                  (+$25/m)

Superwash Wool (thick) (+$38/m)

Silk                                 (+$35/m)

Hand dyed weft           (+$25/m)


Tactile                             (+$10)

Panel – 30cm                (+$10)

Pinstripes                       (+$10)

Blessing Threads          (+$10)

Tartan – 1 color            (+$25)


Available by request     (+$35/m)


Cotton Colors


Other Colors



Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Custom Orders

Q: How do I order custom KIN fabric?

To reserve a custom slot you must first purchase a $100.00 down payment slot from our Etsy shop.  Please click HERE to see if there is a slot available.  We will then forward your email and personal information to our design team and you can start designing and creating your own dream fabric!

Q: I can’t see any slots available in your Etsy store, what does this mean?

Unfortunately there are no slots available at that time.  You’ll have to try back at a later date.  Remember to join our Facebook page or favour our Etsy store to keep up to date with our newest releases.

Q: When do you release custom slots for KIN fabric?

Our goal is to release 1-2 slots per month.

Q: How much KIN fabric do I have to order?

Our custom designed handwoven yardage is approx 65 cm wide and up to 20 meters in length. Minimum order for custom designs is 3 meters.

Q: What are the costs for custom KIN fabric? What happens with the down payment?

Please refer to the price list.

The $100 down payment will be subtracted from the total amount owing on your custom order. 

Q: Once I’ve paid the down payment for a custom slot, what can I expect during the process?

-You’ll receive a confirmation message from our team who will get you started on your design.
-You’ll need to submit your color choices, fabric length & fiber choices by email before the slot date.
-You’ll receive an invoice quote for the final amount owing that will be due upon completion.  The invoice will show a breakdown of costs for each length. The final amount owing will be invoiced via paypal.


-You’ll receive an update on when the order is expected to go on the loom.  Within 1-4 weeks from slot date.
-Upon the completion you’ll receive the final invoice showing the amount owing. The final amount must be paid in one lump sum, it will be invoiced through paypal. Our goal is to have your order completed within 8 weeks from your slot date.
-Your order will be shipped within 1-5 business days of final payment being made.

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