About Us

Located in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada, Cloth of Kin Weaving Studio uses high quality yarns to create heirloom quality fabrics.

Our Story

The philosophy behind designing and creating Cloth of Kin custom fabric began with the dream of creating a beautiful homestead paradise for our family, a Kin Domain or family plot, that future generations could enjoy. It would be created together with our loved ones, a co-creation!

This led to the inspiration of co-creating an heirloom, handwoven family fabric to represent our family togetherness. The intention behind creating the family fabric was that it would become something beautiful and meaningful to our children, grandchildren, and each successive generation. The KIN Colours fabric, being designed together with our loved ones, was a small step towards the larger dream of creating something meaningful and lasting for our loved ones.

Through this process we have been keeping a record of our family colours, wisdom, and history, a Book of Kin, intended for our family as a meaningful and lasting written identity, to be passed through the family, separate from government and media that might have us forget who we really are.

Each of these "KINspirations" are small steps to unite, cherish, and remember our lives interwoven for present and future generations.  WEAVE ON!

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Our Products

Yardage - approx 65 cm wide and up to 20 meters long, unfinished at the cut edges, preshrunk, and prewashed. It is like what you would buy from a fabric store, only better! Suitable for babywearing. We do not provide hemming options for the fabric.

Scarf/Shawl - approx 65 cm wide and 1-2 meters long, finished edges and ready to wear.

Tea towels - heirloom quality, absorbent and durable, approx 50 cm x 65 cm.

Voyageur sashes - loom woven wool sashes, approx 20 cm wide.

Customized cloth - co-created designs available in fibers including cotton, cotolin, bamboo, hemp, alpaca/silk, and silk.

About our Custom-made Co-creations:

Our high quality, custom ordered handwoven yardage is designed by the families using colours that have been selected by family members. Families can create a design and have up to 20 meters of custom family fabric woven into specified lengths. 

For more information about our custom designs please check out our Order Page.  

About our KIN Extra Fabric:

This is a term we have given to our high quality, handwoven yardage that is sold through our weaving studio store. It may be left over fabric from a custom order or may have been woven by a studio apprentice as part of a project. Visit our etsy store to purchase yardage and other fine handwovens today!

Our Team



 Creator of Cloth of Kin & Artisan Weaver: Anna Thomsen

Anna Thomsen is an artisan weaver, instructor, teacher, and consultant with a dream.

Weaving has been part of her family heritage for many generations. Anna has been weaving for 15 years and is the owner of the Cloth of Kin Weaving Studio. She loves playing with texture and colours as is constantly improving her skills and knowledge of woven cloth.

 Anna's dream is to empower kin around the world with the art of handwoven fabric. Anna has   introduced the joys of weaving to many people and she endeavours to connect weavers from around the world with families who wish to co-create a handwoven, heirloom, legacy cloth.                                           




Artisan Weaver: Karlee Esler

Fabric weaver, pattern making and sewing guru, historical fashion junkie, animal hoarder, nature enthusiast, addicted thrifter.




Artisan Weaver: Sarah Greenwood

Artisan weaver, artist, lover all things crafty, sister, daughter, black-belt Tae Kwon Do student (retired), dreamer, loves creating inspirational new designs.

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Artisan Weaver: Paula McDougall

Wife, mother, nana, loving all things crafty!  So lucky to have found my perfect place in weaving at this time of my life.






The Cloth of Kin Team would like to thank you for supporting our love of handwoven fabric!